Stop addiction before it starts

By Einar Pedersen

What’s The Big Idea?

•Our youth is experiencing an exposure to Marijuana
•It was only less than 5 years ago that it was made legal in our state
•It has been shown in the media for decades
•The amount of people that use Marijuana are on the rise

“Marijuana is a Myth”

•While marijuana itself is not directly dangerous, what it can lead to can be dangerous.
•It can start teens on the path to a life of drugs, possibly ruining their lives for good.
•Many people advocate for Marijuana because of it’s beneficial illness treatment remedies.
•However, even when marijuana is only legal for medical use, it can be abused just like a prescription drug.

How Does It Affect Teens?

•It is an addictive drug
•It is called a “gateway drug” as it leads 70% of users to peruse more addictive and powerful drugs
•Many teens are tempted to smoke it because of the media and their friends.
•It can be a distraction from school, causing possible dramatic grade drops.

What Can You Do About It?

•Saying no is usually the best answer
•No matter who offers you marijuana, whether it be a complete stranger or a family member, it is not safe to start a road to addiction.


Now, get out there and spread the word!


Copyright©2017 Einar Pedersen